Hello, World.
My name is Burton.


I'm a Maker

And I enjoy blurring the lines between emerging technologies, image making, art, and design.

Hello, world. My name is Burton Rast — assumed name, mister misterburton logo burton — and I'm an artist and designer in San Francisco, California.

From visual and motion design, to creative and art direction, photography, filmmaking, and creative coding, I have explored innumerable creative disciplines for more than 20 years through my work.

I've worked in startups, both client & agency-sides, and spent 7 years at IDEO as a Principal Designer and Project Lead. I presently work as a UX Design Lead at Google.

Wednesday Addams is my everyday vibe
Resoundingly professional headshot by Elle Luna

I also speak at design conferences and industry events, both home and abroad, to connect with, and be inspired by, artists and designers, the world over.

Perhaps worth noting, this site is mirrored on the emoji domain, 🤘.ws, is also viewable at misterburton.com, if emoji domains aren't your thing. 😉

Read my story, or check out some of my work.